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This is a blog dedicated to Isayama Hajime's Shingeki No Kyojin and its anime Attack On Titan; produced by Wit Studios.

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Hasegawa Hiroki is playing Levi?


Oh…I totally missed the part in the announcement article where Hasegawa Hiroki says 「私の役は……、まだ多くを語れませんが、最強の男という役だけあって、なぜ私にオファーをいただけたのかを考えつつ、思いっきり楽しんで演(や)ろうと思っております」

Even though he “can’t talk about his role much”, he still reveals it as being “最強の男 - “The strongest man.” (LOL nice job keeping that secret)

But at 182cm…aren’t you too tall???

For those of you guys who are not familiar with him. This is Hasegawa Hiroki.

Some of his recent notable roles are:

  • Yae no Sakura
  • Suzuki Sensei

He won Best Supporting Actor for his role as Asuda Keiichi in Kaseifu no Mita.

Anonymous asked: Do you know if there's a SNK meme/challenge (not the 30 day thing)?

Yes. We made this SnK Meme some time ago. Feel free to use it. Click here.

Anonymous asked: hello, do you know if the life action is actually comfirmed or just rumours?

there definitely is a live action (imdb link), but it is unclear exactly what story they’re going to follow. there have been many articles, some saying actors have been cast in specific roles, others saying they’ve just been cast. some articles have said that they’re writing a whole new story. so, long story short, there is definitely going to be a japanese live action movie, but how close it will follow the manga is up in the air. 

There was this teaser that was released as a Subaru ad. This was a few months ago if I’m not mistaken, You can watch it here.